Thursday, 26 May 2011

Independent consultant: do not feel alone and lost to its e-commerce project!

For some time, a haunting idea: create your own e-shop.

But where to start? Internet agencies meet? Expose drafts of your project? Choose among the proposed estimate, with prices that go from simple to double! Asking a thousand and one questions? Doubt before your project, good idea! How?

A quote you back at the top: Never put all your eggs in one basket. First things first! How to get help to structure your project? How to develop a real Internet strategy? Think, analyze, and build ... Yes but the Internet is technical and complicated!

There is a solution to be accompanied and avoid errors of a poorly designed or made in haste.

Call an independent consultant.

The advantages? He works for you with confidence because its success depends on your success. It's a calling he loves her and loves world novelty, discover. It stimulates creativity. He shares his experience and expertise.

Its services? You listen, analyze, reflect, propose solutions, innovation .... It helps you in your thinking, warns you, tells you. It seeks to better understand your idea, your goals and your operations. It then examines the viability of your project, your budget, your time and resources. He writes a specification: strategic plan for your project with proposed solutions. Once equipped with the latter, you can then select your service providers with the ideas more clear, a true understanding of the Internet and a well put together.
Do not give up! Follow your idea and let you accompany!


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